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In the 21st century, if you seek to prepare your child for global challenges, needed is a campus that has been thought-through, and not just well-designed. Kairos Global School is an outcome of that thinking, which has the infrastructure to address contemporary trends in education. It’s a work of a team comprising reputed architects and educational consultants who know what it takes to make digital-age schooling effective. The campus is purpose-built and safe, with ample open learning spaces needed to drive joyful and experiential programmes that make the experience of schooling stay for life.

This imaginative and resourceful campus caters to students, right from Nursery to Grade X.

A part of the Sashreek Educational Network of Schools, this world-class campus hosts:

    • Open, airy and well ventilated surroundings
    • Landscaped play areas, vast sports field and indoor sports complex
    • Air-conditioned e-classrooms
    • Exclusively-designed ELC, Junior and Senior Wing
    • Wi-Fi & Technology-enabled infrastructure, ICT, Science and Language labs
    • Automated Library-Media Centre
    • Studios for Dramatics, Dance, Yoga, Arts & Craft
    • Hygienic kitchen and dining facilities
    • Full-fledged school infirmary
    • Continuous electronic surveillance of the campus

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    Kairos Global School 
    Kairos Global School, Beside Lane of KIMS Hospitals Rai Durg, Khajaguda, Hyderabad, Telangana 500089 ( Directions_Map )

    Kairos International School
    Near Journalist colony, Wipro junction to Gopannapally Main road Financial District, Serilangampally mandal Hyderabad, 500032. ( Direction Map)


    Just like time progresses and ushers in a new age of thinking, hope and action, every new generation of children brings with them the possibilities of a future that we probably have little imagined of. One, that’s made of their ideas, their imagination and their thinking. Because it’s a world that will belong to them, and rightly so, they would want their world, their way. At Kairos, we are of the belief that every child should be prepared to make their contribution to the world that’s for them. We are preparing them for it, with knowledge and teaching in an environment that furthers both.

    Kairos Global school has its roots formed from the KAIROS EDU SERVICES PTE. LTD, SINGAPORE which believes in the fine integration of knowledge, teaching and the right environment needed for the growth of students.


    The Innovator

    Empowering and connecting young people around the world to engage with and speak out on issues that matter to them.

    One on one mentoring sessions with every single child to make sure they understand and exploit their own full potentials.

    Creating an opportunity for your child top discover and explore their creativity through arts and crafts.

    Combining artistic technique and self expression in an experience that inspires the artist within.

    A regiment of physical activities planned to make your ward run on the right track

    More than 1600+ Strength

    Learning Principals

    Learning is effective when it is personalized

    Students are appropriately challenged by their own starting points. Students can engage in meaningful and deliberate practice, honing their skills and knowledge in areas that are relevant to their interests and goals. This approach fosters a deeper understanding of concepts, increased motivation, and a sense of ownership over one’s learning journey.

    Learning is effective when it is rationalized

    Students hear positive responses and engage in effective collaboration as well as safe relationships. Students are more likely to be motivated to learn and explore new concepts when they feel supported and valued in their learning environment. Rationalizing learning helps them understand the purpose and relevance of the information, making it more meaningful and easier to retain.

    School Updates

    Dec 1st - Assembly: Gr 5A Theme: Guru

    Dec 1st - PF2 BEGINS (GR10)

    Dec 2nd - World Computer Literacy Day

    Dec 2nd - National Pollution Control Day

    Dec 4th - PA4 BEGINS (GR 1-9)

    Dec 4th - Grades 1-10 Elocution contest preliminary round

    Dec 4th - Indian Navy Day

    Dec 5th - World Soil Day

    Dec 7th - Story telling competition Grades 1-2

    Dec 7th - Best out of waste Grades 3 -5

    Dec 7th - International Civil Aviation Day

    Dec 8th - PA4 ENDS (GR 1-9)

    Dec 8th - PF2 ENDS (GR10)

    Dec 8th - Robotics grade 6-10

    Dec 8th - Little Lore- Makers (Story telling competition) (Nur-PP2)

    Dec 10th - Human Rights Day

    Dec 11th - Assembly: Gr 5B Theme: Human Rights

    Dec 12th - SOF Olympiad Grades-3-10 ISSO examination

    Dec 12th - Assembly: Gr 5B Theme: Human Rights

    Dec 13th - Assembly: Gr 5B Theme: Human Rights

    Dec 14th - Grades 1-10 1st Final round of Inter House Elocution competition

    Dec 14th - National Energy Conservation Day

    Dec 14th - Assembly: Gr 5B Theme: Human Rights

    Dec 15th - Robotics grades 6-10

    Dec 15th - Around the world- Fancy Dress (Nur-PP2)

    Dec 15th - Assembly: Gr 5B Theme: Human Rights

    Dec 16th - KAIROS-CARNIVAL 2023

    Dec 18th - Assembly: Gr 5C Theme:Christmas Winter

    Dec 19th - Vegetable Day (Nur-PP2)

    Dec 19th - Assembly: Gr 5C Theme: Christmas Winter

    Dec 20th - Assembly: Gr 5C Theme: Christmas Winter

    Dec 21st - Grades 1-10 2nd Final round of Inter House Elocution Competition

    Dec 21st - Assembly: Gr 5C Theme: Christmas Winter

    Dec 22nd - Grades Nur-10 Christmas Celebrations

    Dec 22nd - Grades 1-10 National Math Day

    Dec 22nd - Assembly: Gr 5C Theme: Christmas Winter

    Dec 23rd - Kisan Diwas (Farmer’s Day)

    Dec 25th - CHRISTMAS DAY

    Dec 26th - BOXING DAY

    Dec 27th - Assembly: Gr 4A Theme:2023 Replay

    Dec 28th - Grades 1-10 Preparation for Annual Sports day

    Dec 28th - Assembly: Gr 4A Theme: 2023 Replay

    Dec 29h - Grades Nur-10 New Years’s celebrations

    Dec 29th - White Colour Day(Nur-PP2)

    Dec 29th - Robotics grade 6-10

    Dec 29th - Assembly: Gr 4A Theme: 2023 Replay

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