Best Faculty

Teachers teach with example, lead by example

Best CBSE School Faculty in Hyderabad at Kairos Global

Aptly so, there’s no one else who can take a teacher’s place in this world. The panel of teachers at Kairos are an extremely committed lot, who are handpicked from eminent schools in the country. They are professionals who impart knowledge with a vision and purpose. They are well-versed with national and international programmes and are constantly researching on each topic to simplify and make it easier for students to comprehend. Teachers use modern devices to aid them in teaching-learning, which makes the process effective for them as faculty, and interesting for students.

The teachers at Kairos work in many areas for student progress:

  • Promote and ensure an air of bonhomie and camaraderie amongst children.
  • Help children deal with the challenges of growing up and the pressures that come along the way.
  • Find ways for children to get creative and look at problems from new perspectives.
  • Better their view of the world, guide them on the right path as and when they seem to go off-track.
  • Enable them with solutions to find ways to problems that seem tasking for them.
  • Sustain the belief in quality and why one should keep it up even after stepping out of the corridors of the school.
  • Open up doors for them as and when they prove their skills and are yearning for platforms to showcase it to the world.
  • Most importantly, help them connect with the society and make them understand their role.

While these are not the only roles of the teachers, they are what make an essential part of their teaching and focus on every child.

Kairos Global School will be following Cambridge syllabus for Pre-primary, Integrated IGCSE cum CBSE for Grade: 1-5 and CBSE syllabus for Grade: 6-10