Student Life

Bringing out talent into the sunshine.

Children are born with a variety of talent, and all that is needed, is for us to spot, hone and give it a platform. Yet another reason why talent should be identified and spotted early is, what is talent today can become one’s career tomorrow. As a progressive global school, Kairos is constantly encouraging children to partake in several activities it has, so that talent can come out in the open and not just remain within the child. The school has several interest and talent clubs that children can be a part of, to further practice their skills and get well-versed in them. The clubs have exponents who hone their skills and help them channel their imagination while helping them balance their creative energies. Several talented students are chosen to represent the school in competitions in state-level and national-level events.

An environment that makes learning total

Students learn better, faster and retain longer when they belong to a certain environment. By participating in experiential tours, children relate better with what they learn, they start connecting what they have learnt with what they are seeing. Obviously so, the impact is stronger. Students are formed into clusters on class tours, which are devised such that they become an outdoor classroom and students learn while having fun. These outings become a source of multiple classroom sessions as they understand and experience history, art and craft, nature, ecosystem, bio-diversity, lifestyle, transport system, industries and so on all the time. Students, during these trips, develop a special bond with their peers and understand their role in the group.

Educational tours are a way to achieve out of- the-box learning. Teachers keep in mind students’ age group, their comprehension levels and assimilation capabilities and plan experiential educational tours that are exciting and adventurous.

Towards a world-ready future. Always.

Given the infrastructure, the curriculum and the team of teachers Kairos has, we are well set on the path to create several generations of students who will have in them the right blend of knowledge and teaching that has been nurtured in them in an environment that has prepared them for the opportune moment at a global level.

In Kairos, you will find the passion to tread new paths, the will to go hunting for opportunities of growth, the willingness to scale new heights – so that children can make the globe their stage. For we are Kairos, an institution that’s for a world-ready future.

Psallontes and Techne'-The instrumental music and art display