Kairos Global School

has been established to impart age-specific curriculum to bring out the best academic traits in the children of 21st while emphasizing on their emotional, intellectual, analytical and physical development through methodical learning approaches. The school endeavours to create a warm, friendly and multi-diversity environment for both students and teachers, aiming to propagate values we believe are necessary for the world that’s taking shape.

Objectives of Kairos Global School:

  • Provide the student with learning that equips him/her to be a confident,knowledgeable and contributing citizen of the world.
  • Make learning and excellence a wholesome package of knowledge, value sets and sports as its constituents.
  • Enable a student to understand, analyze and deduce.
  • Inculcate an interest for sports to cherish a healthy body.
  • Nurture a student to be stable, emotionally and psychologically.
  • Mentor them with values sets that encourage them to be outstanding individuals.
  • Encourage a student to accept diversity and virtues of tolerance.
  • Inculcate the relevance of social service, value of sharing and compassion.
  • To enable a student to become a complete individual who is knowledgeable, skillful and has the right values to conduct in any part of the globe.

Kairos Global School believes that all of would contribute towards empowering a child into a knowledgeable person with the right set of values, one who is able take confident strides in any part of the world.