EYP ( Early Year Programme )

The first steps are always fun steps.

Pre Primary Schools in Khajaguda,manikonda Hyderabad

Learning in pre-primary classes at Kairos happens through a combination of teacher-directed and child-initiated play activities. Teachers give high priority to the process of learning through practical, first-hand experiences. The school practices a well-planned play, both indoors and outdoors, a key way to make young kids learn with fun and excitement. Children are encouraged to participate in their own learning, and teachers promote an atmosphere where they will want to investigate and learn more. The Early Learning wing provides ample openings for young minds to record and develop early reading, writing and number skills with creative and imaginative adult support. The freedom and positive environment here will make them feel valued, happy as they enjoy the process of learning.

Children have a natural ability and readiness to learn. Kairos believes that during the nascent years of learning, the school along with parents, needs to play a positive role in mentoring them, give them enough opportunities to explore and discover, making sure they enjoy the process of guided learning.