Press Release

KAIROS FILOTEMIA – An Annual Sport Meet 2018-19

Kairos Global School proudly completes its second year of running. To showcase its achievements it hosted KAIROS FILOTEMIA – An Annual Sport Meet 2018-19. Kairos meaning the right, critical & opportune moment conjugated with Filotemia, the Greek word for sportsmanship to bring forth the essence of sportsmanship among students. The fortnight long sport championships all culminated into the Final ceremony on 5 Jan 2019.

The Programme started with the chief guest being given the Guard of Honour by the Head Boy, Head Girl & School Sports Captain. A host of other dignitaries were welcomed for the sport meet by the Vice-Principal Mrs. Srilakshmi. The programme started with the lightning of the lamp by the Chief guest Shri Allipuram Venkateshwar Reddy & Guest of Honour Shri. C Rama Chandra Reddy . The school report was presented by the Principal, Mrs. Sonali Roy Chowdhury Singh. The Chief guest was introduced who in his speech stressed on the importance of sports and games in our lives.

This was followed by the speech of the Chairman Mr. M Venkata Reddy who emphasized on the importance of balance between sports 7 studied for a holistic growth.

The evening then moved to sport where the Nursery children ran a colouful Balloon race. This was followed by the Relay Races between Aeras, Helios & Neros.

The prize distribution saw hundreds of students winning prizes in various track & field events.

The evening then proceeded to the final phase where the nursery children put up a fantastic drill titled Xapa which means Joy in Greek. This was followed by the ILEAKADA( Sunshine) a drill presentation by Grades PPI & PPII.

The events were followed by Taekwando Display where importance of self defence training in girls was highlighted. The Kairosians then showed their skills and agility in dribbling basket balls.

This was followed by Pagoni a peacock formation drill by the students of GradeI. The Grade II children showed their grooving to an Arabian number in their programme Timpanio. This was followed by the little skating champs doing rounds.

The penultimate programme showcased the students of grade III to VII who put up a fantastic display of aerobics titled Kairos morfi. The Grand Finale highlighted the universal aspect of sports through COSMOS.

This glittering programme came to an end with the torch being passed on for the next edition of Kairos Filotemia. The vote of thanks was presented by Mrs. Shakuntala, the seniormost teacher of the school. All in all it was agreat event.