Sports & Games

Not about winning, but about teaming up.

Best Global School in Nanakramguda Hyderabad

Physical Education is called so for a reason, and that reason is that it helps the body to learn to be disciplined, agile and fit. Kairos has established facilities for a plethora of sports and games with top-class synthetic courts of global standards for Tennis and Basketball. They are imparted focused training in the sport of their choice. The campus has exclusive sporting infrastructure where children play between themselves as teams to encourage a sense of competition and team spirit. The school has experienced trainers for Football, Cricket, Tennis, Indoor Badminton, Taekwondo and Swimming with competition conducted regularly, such that the best team is chosen to represent the school in external events.

Kairos goes the distance to promote excellence in sports and believes in cultivating the characters of sportsmanship, both on the sports arena and outside it, whether one is handed triumph or defeat..

Blues that are fun and stimulating to be in.

Sports and fitness has moved beyond the ground and tables. It has moved to skills that require children to be well-versed in many aspects, and swimming is one of them. Kairos has an exclusive swimming pool attached with a rain shower pool for children of Primary school for them to get trained in water sports. Then there is also a Skating Rink with the standard fencing and safety to practice roller-skating. For those interested in Aerobics and Yoga, the school also has a fitness studio, and training in Martial Arts for them to get familiar with self-defence skills. Enough care has been taken to ensure that there’s something for every child and enough encouragement is given for them to indulge in these activities, both for fun and fitness.

Kairos is emerging into a one-of-its-kind school that offers several opportunities for the total development of the child. The school has ensured that quality training is part of the education across various disciplines.