Learning Resources

Books, like windows, let in fresh thinking.

There’s no denying that books are a treasure-trove of information. They open up the mind for and propel new insights into various aspects of life we interact with regularly. Like culture, habitats, politics, socio-economic situations, lifestyle, art and craft, and many more aspects. Kairos has an exclusively designed library media center that supports the students and the staff in ingrainingnew-age programmes. With a large collection of books and digital media that are in place here, one is sure to find interesting and enriching collections. In addition to books, the library offers magazines for a broader outlook of world affairs. An Internet corner with scanners and Wi-Fi printers are an added benefit for the students.

Kairos Global School believes that reading of books cultivates a positive mindset in students. They throw light on what has happened and what is happening – while they can encourage children to influence what can happen. Books are that powerful.

Technology is the pedestal for change.

ICT has been a big game-changer in modern schooling. It has been introduced in Kairos Global School right from the primary years all the way up to senior classes. Students are trained for self-learning, to collect data, understand, analyse and present the same in the form of collaborative worksheets. They learn to browse the Internet under the guidance of teachers, and even retrieve them to further their learning as and when they need. To help improve students’ oral and written expressions, the school also has a Modern English Language Laboratory. The course also helps learners speak English with correct pronunciation enabled by user-friendly technology. The facilities in school are connected using the advancements in ICT, to help teachers source any information with ease.

Technology is not an option, but a way of life today. ICT provide access for teachers to a plethora of presentations and also effectively help them make students participate and consolidate student learning objectives.

Innovation steers the wheels of progress.

Today, students of the digital-age are more interested in technology-driven innovation, as that keeps them engaged in fun and also tests their innovative and logical thinking. The Robotics and Tool Design enrichment courses designed for different age groups at Kairos provide an avenue to explore the wonderful world of science and technology. The school also plans to set-up Aero Modelling and Astronomy Lab. To prioritise teaching of scientific inquiry skills, the school has separate and full-fledged labs. Every effort is made to ensure that students get a feel of hands-on experience on lab etiquette and discipline. The first step to scientific temper and critical analysis are driven home in students here.

For life to move, science is critical. Students are exposed to practical use of scientific postulates in everyday life. They conduct internal and external science symposia and exhibitions, and the talented are encouraged to participate in Mathematics and Science Olympiads.