Pre-Primary-The cradle of Life

“The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child’s own natural desire to learn...” Maria Montessori Children are born with an incredible capacity and desire to learn.  It is important that they are provided with rich experiences through play and activities that develop their critical thinking, problem solving and understanding about themselves Continue Reading

The new modern era of mathematics

As a mathematic teacher of modern era, I always feel to do something new in my class, teaching isnot the same way as ever before but inculcating the new fresh vibes in my each class. Methods and techniques of math have penetrated into every corner of our life. Modern mathematics is not the only basis Continue Reading

“The most important thing is to never stop questioning.” – Albert Einstein

“The most important thing is to never stop questioning.” — Albert Einstein Albert Einstein teaches us about the quintessential need for curiosity in our life through this motivational science quote. Einstein has always emphasised on the essence of questioning things because sometimes questions are the things you need to become a true scientist of life! Continue Reading

Invitation for “Techne and Diadrastiko”

School clubs are the stepping stones to create small communities. Students sharing the same interests come together to develop a sense of unity and teamwork and in turn hone their social skills. Kairos Global school invites you to 'Techne and Diadrastiko -The Club activities exhibition day ' on the 12th of February (Saturday) where the Continue Reading


Learning is always fun. When it is science the fun multiplies. Students of grade 7 of Kairos Global school are always a step forward in learning by hands-on activity. While learning the concepts of respiration in organisms and electricity, students have inculcated the knowledge they learnt by implementing them into their lives by doing a Continue Reading

Well derived/well rounded experiential education

Kairos Global School has always believed in learning by doing. It acts as a huge motivation for the children to engage actively with the texts and beyond and retain the materials for a long time by ingraining it in the memory.This develops a deeper personal connection with the knowledge acquired and the propensity to use Continue Reading