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Well derived/well rounded experiential education

Kairos Global School has always believed in learning by doing. It acts as a huge motivation for the children to engage actively with the texts and beyond and retain the materials for a long time by ingraining it in the memory.This develops a deeper personal connection with the knowledge acquired and the propensity to use it more often in real life situations.

Student led Conferences, Academic Fairs , display days are many such phenomenal exhibitions by the children. The learning and the understanding transpire from the pages of the book and come alive when students immerse themselves in the concepts and takes complete ownership of their erudition. The students traverse a myriad of topics ranging from Science to social, English to Math and other languages. These events develop competence for students and enhance their mastery and performance .They are capable of forming a hypothesis and modifying it in real world in different areas and fields.They explore the nexus among the subjects and delve deep into the intricacies of each topic. Not only are the cognitive skills stimulated, but the LSRW skills are also honed. This gives a massive boost to the children’s confidence by easing them into the pragmatic world.

Kairos aims to incorporate experiential learning and not relying on mugging up concepts. This helps them experience rather than just being told about the chapters. Hence, it will be a constant effort to encourage children to explore all forms of learning so that their process of learning becomes organic, exciting and fruitful.

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