About Kairos Global School, Hyderabad

CBSE Admissions open for 2023-2024 at Kairos Global School

Now Offering both CBSE and IGCSE (Cambridge) Syllabus

Just like time progresses and ushers in a new age of thinking, hope and action, every new generation of children brings with them the possibilities of a future that we probably have little imagined of. One, that’s made of their ideas, their imagination and their thinking. Because it’s a world that will belong to them, and rightly so, they would want their world, their way. At Kairos, we are of the belief that every child should be prepared to make their contribution to the world that’s for them. We are preparing them for it, with knowledge and teaching in an environment that furthers both. In Greek, Kairos means ‘the right opportune moment’, and the logo unit of Kairos is representative of that. Because to make the most of an opportunity, needed is the fine integration of knowledge, teaching and the right environment.


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