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Balancing School, Hobbies, and Family Time

There is no doubt that studying is vastly important; it is absolutely essential to attain success in the future. We all know that, but it is quite impossible to study all the time, as it may not be good for our overall productivity.
Studying with no breaks also won’t let us concentrate and we will not learn anything.
That’s why we all have hobbies. Various hobbies keep us entertained, eradicate boredom, remove stress, develop social skills, improve moods, boost mental and physical health, etc. Research says hobbies increase our confidence and self-esteem.
Family time is another aspect of life that everyone knows is essential in our everyday lives. We all love to spend time with our family but sometimes we face difficulties in doing so as people are busy.We have to make time for spending quality time with our family so that we can regroup and bond with each other.
But how do we even do this? How do we study well while keeping hobbies and maintaining family time? There needs to be a great balance maintained between these facets.
So ,here are few methods that I follow on a regular basis which might be helpful.
A common way is to have a routine. Time management is the crucial key to maintain a balance in our life. If we plan our studies, have specific time slots for our hobbies and to spend time with family, it’ll be very helpful in mastering time.
We have to make sure not to put an overemphasis on one thing. It is important to keep an actual balance and to give equal importance to everything. We must not pile up our work as we might end up sacrificing out leisure time. For academics, it is essential to start studying earlier so we won’t be burdened later and to have breaks so we can relax.
This is imperative for mental and physical health and we should never forget that!
We have to keep in mind, this varies from person to person, so everyone has to find their own comfortable way to maintain balance and have an easier life!

Eesha Samantray
Grade 8.

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