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Learning is easy when learning is fun

At Kairos Global School we believe that “Learning is easy when learning is fun” and to ensure that, we engage children in learning through games and creativity and involve in activities which are age appropriate.

Colour has the power to convey mood and feelings. Surrounding ourselves with the right colours can improve our mood, relieve stress, and help us get a good night’s sleep. Kids were taught the concept of colours the play way method by mixing primary colours to form secondary colours.

Exercise boosts energy. It makes our mind sharp and active. Exercising daily makes our muscle strong. Children who exercise daily stand very less chances of falling sick. The kids at Kairos Global School are taught the importance of physical activity by involving them in regular warm up exercises and yoga sessions.

Language development is an important part of child development. It supports child’s ability to communicate, solve problems, maintain relationships and understand and express feelings. Learning to understand, use and enjoy language is the first step in literacy, and the basis for learning to read and write.

Shapes are the building blocks for several bigger concepts that children will use throughout their schooling and lives. Learning shapes not just assists kids with distinguishing and sorting out visual data but also helps them in building the foundation for other academic areas like reading, math, and science.

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